Parisan Tale Bouquet x Ocean Health Fast Absorb Iron Energy Formula

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A romantic dried florals bouquet for a rustic feel! It also comes with Ocean Health's Fast Absorb Iron Energy Formula, a fast melt powder with fresh berry taste, dissolves quickly in your mouth without water and with no metallic aftertaste! Its microencapsulated Iron comes with synergistic nutrients, Vitamin C to enhance iron absorption and lessen constipation, as well as Vitamin Bs and 400mcg Folic Acid to aid blood formation and promote energy release to reduce tiredness. Suitable for women during pregnancy (supports healthy fetal development) or monthly cycle, athletes and those with iron deficiency. Suitable for Vegetarian

Length: Appx 45cm

Our Bouquets come with the following complimentary:

- Delivery within Singapore / Self-collection Available (* Subjected to delivery slot availability / * Excludes deliveries to Hospitals, Sentosa, Jurong Island and Tuas)
- Bouquet Carrier Bag
- Miniature Balloon
- Gift Card
- Packaging Decor

*Designs are subjected to availability and changes
*Bouquets/Floral Designs Exclusions apply